Business Logo Designs – The Three Major Types

Business nature in terms of size, concept, and target market is very important when one want to get his brand mark identity. This is because there are a number of brand marks available with professional graphic designers who are ready to serve you with your demands. If you conduct a search, you will encompass so many types of business logo designs that will eventually confuse you to the extent that you might get caught in the wrong hands.

This is why; it is important to understand what a logo design is all about before proceeding to the next steps. Therefore, you must learn three different types of corporate identities currently being used by almost every graphic designer.

Three most common types of company’s identity:


To the point design concept which is often preferred by small business owners dealing with a single line of product. Therefore, they don’t have much to say through their brand mark identity. The only thing they have to depict is their company or service or product. By and large, professional graphic designers use images or pictures to reflect the core nature of a company.


As the name indicates, it is more towards depicting hazy concepts covering many aspect of a company. Therefore, its not hard to guess that these type will be much useful for large firms, companies or conglomerates. These are also called symbolic design concepts, an ideal example would be of Nike’s Swoosh.


Typographic design logo web also called as logo types are mostly preferred by companies who are more interested in using their company’s name in their brand mark identity. It is mostly because they are an already established firms only seeking for a sophisticated and simple representation of their company plus they want to target international audience.

Hence, go through the above types and see how much they make a difference in your brand mark selection.


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