Do You Know About These File Formats?

Do you know which file format would be useful for your newly made logo design? Do you have any idea about the file formats you are using? If you don’t have it then you are probably at the right place. Rather it would be better to say; you will say it by yourself once you are done with article reading that you reached at the right place.

There are two file formats that will be discussed by me today that are logo bmp and psd.

Logo PSD:

PSD – Photoshop document that is the hot favorite of contemporary graphic designers or should I say, serious and professional graphic designers. Anyhow, raster based files consisting of lots of layers and channels are usually drawn on Photoshop graphic design software. I am sure you know about it!

The range of creativity it offers is unprecedented and incomparable with other design software except that of an illustrator which stands level headed with Photoshop. Not only that it supports almost all image modes including duotone, RGB and LAB etc. if you are using Photoshop and for some reason you have to convert the extension than you can do it very easily by following some very easy steps.

Logo BMP:

Bitmap is also a hot favorite but only for the kids who love for participating in school drawing competitions. Bitmap supports RGB colors and 1, 4, 8 and 24 bits per channel that is very much less that PSD files. Though Photoshop support bmp files but paint doesn’t support psd ones. So if you have noticed there is a great difference between the both file formats.

Hence, now you know which software is useful for which purpose. This way, you will also be able to decide which file format would be useful for your logo designs.


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